I was born and raised in Texas , where the meeting place for the family was the kitchen table. Sitting around the table , talking about our day, curing the worlds ills, and of course,  eating! We came in to the house through the kitchen, we left the house through the kitchen. It’s a Southern thing.

My two fondest memories of my Grandmother’s home were the smell of home-made cookies baking and the sight of  fresh vegetables , right out of the garden, being prepared for the nights meal.

Growing up in the South, meant eating a lot of different foods. Barbeque, chicken, beef, many fruits and vegetables,  and, of course, sweets. Cakes, pies, cookies. My mouth waters just thinking about the Tea Cakes my Grandmother made, or a pot of pinto beans cooking on the stove. Of fried chicken on Sunday, or barbeque cooking outside on the grill. Many of our recipes are old fashioned. Made from whatever my Grandmother, MamMaw or my Mom had in the house. Raisin pie, buttermilk pound cake, syrup pie. The list goes on and on.

We grew alot of our own foods, green beans, tomatoes, purple hull peas, okra, squash, onions and hot peppers. You’ll find recipes for all of these vegetables. Some old ones, some new ones. Hot sauces made from real tomatoes, salsas made from the peppers we grew.